How to create a website with Joomla 1.5: Contact us page

By September 3, 2015 Joomla No Comments

First you need to create a new Contacts Category.

For this purpose go to Components -> Contacts -> Categories:

Step 2 Click on [New]. Since we plan to have a simple Contact Us page, you should create only one single category.

We will use “General” for its name in the tutorial. Enter “General” under title then click on [Save].

Step 3 Go to Components -> Contacts -> Contacts:

Step 4 Click on [New] and fill in the information.

You have to make sure the email you enter is valid since all the mails you receive via this Joomla contact form will be sent to it.

Step 5 In order to avoid having your contact’s name duplicated later, from the right box “Contacts parameters” check the button Hide next to “Name”.

Step 6 Leave the rest of the default options unchanged and click on [Save] from the top-right menu.

Your Joomla contact form will be saved and you will be able to publish it on your site.

Step 7 To publish the new contact form go to Menus in the Joomla administrator area.

Choose the menu where you would like the link to the new contacts page published and click New.

Step 8 Under Internal Link choose Contacts then Standard Contact Layout.

Step 9 Enter the desired link title (for example Contact Us) and choose the newly created contact from the drop down menu under Parameters (Basic) in the right part of the page. Then click [Save].